I dont really know where to ask this? i want to help make krita available for ipads

It is certainly possible legally to workaround the GPLv3 ambiguity? anyway there are these projects and all of the GPL ones use a workaround like dual licensing or just adding an exception somehow List of free and open-source iOS applications - Wikipedia Im sure its possible for krita to be available on ipad too and i really want to help develop or test it.

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    i hope so i tried my best

  • Who would be interested in this? Why does it matter? What kind of responses do you want?
    kde developers and people who have ipads. I want to know if this is something that we want and if it is ok for me to try to do it

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    ipad, new here, excited about krita, i use kde software and i like it, probably enough programming experience to help

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i also posted this on discord but i thought i would get more traction here

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Have you tried reading this topic and joining in: ?

In theory, could Krita be ported to iPadOS?

yes i have but i wanted to try to show my interest a bit more… idk if its bad to make a new post

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Thank you for your interest in development side of things. In addition to the link that @AhabGreybeard gave. You can ask questions to developers on IRC. To join the IRC just go here - https://web.libera.chat/ and type in channel name as #krita and add your nickname. And then click join. Some developers may not be online so please stay for a while while someone answers.


i want to add that i have an ipad and i think i can use a virtual machine of macos to generate whats needed so i can deploy to it and might buy a mac if needed

i will try it to see if it works

Have you gone through the link of the thread that @AhabGreybeard gave in here?

According to me, Krita can theoretically work on ipad but apple’s policy of store prevents it. And if you want help building it for your own ipad then please ask on IRC. I saw your message on it, so you joined the right chatroom. Just ask your question do not ask to ask.


There’s a communication between @halla and Ingo Klöcker (kimageshop Digest, Vol 229, Issue 3) about this subject
Bullet d) let think that iPadOS store is not a target, because of GPL

On woensdag 7 september 2022 10:43:06 CEST Ingo Klöcker wrote:

Hi Krita people,

as you may have read on the community mailing list [1], I’m taking on the role
of App Stores Support Engineer for KDE.

Hi Ingo!

Aleix Pol wrote:
“Ingo will be working with the different teams in KDE towards our
infrastructure getting prepared to have their software delivered to
the platforms they are targetting. With this, we hope to improve the
reach of our products to end users and hopefully enable them also to
make a living with their KDE products.”

You do already publish Krita in the Windows Store (and the Steam and Epic
stores) which is awesome. But there’s probably still room for improvement.

Note that the main reason we put Krita in stores is to generate income that can be used to sponsor development. That’s different from e.g. Kate.

Here are a few questions I’m interested in:

a) Where can I find more information about your building and publishing
process? Who should I talk to in your team?

That would be me for Windows Store and Epic, Sharaf for Android and Emmet for Steam.

b) Are there things you wish the KDE infrastructure would better support with
regard to building for different platforms and publishing in different app

I’m quite happy with the binary factory which produces artefacts that we can upload; we use our own scripts there, not Craft, though.

c) Are there things in the KDE Frameworks that should be improved to ease
building for different platforms, e.g. do you patch some KDE Frameworks when
you create builds for Windows or macOS?

Yes, heavily. And we are behind with updating to new versions of frameworks. We also patch the heck out of Qt 5.12, because newer versions of Qt are too buggy and the incredibly dumb release policy of the Qt company.

d) Do you want to target more platforms and/or app stores, e.g. the Apple

We are working on that, and already have everything setup to upload there, once we solve the sandbox problem: because macos app store applications are sandboxed like on Android, but the api’s are vague, users cannot open or save files or use file layers in an app store version of Krita

Ivan is the one working on that, but it’s a pretty tough problem and there isn’t visible progress yet.

The iPadOS store is not a target, because of GPL.

e) Are there tasks/issues on some task board or issue tracker that I should
look at?

This might be interesting to you: ⚓ T14359 Instructions for Uploading Krita to App Stores

f) Is this mailing list the right place to talk about this?

Yes – though we’re also always around on #krita in libera.net.


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We already had discussions with @additional-pumpkin on IRC about this. Unless apple makes it easy for GPL software to be on its appstore for iOS. we can’t do anything. @additional-pumpkin was asking if we could make an exception in license. Making an exception would require agreement of all the authors of krita in the past 20 above years of krita which is monumental and next to impossible task.

i think its best to have something first and then ask developers. I propose we work on a mobile UI and on porting it to ipados at least i am interested in making such contributions. to be fair a mobile ui could benefit android as well so there is no conflicting interest. once the task is becoming easier it will be a good moment to discuss relicensing, specifically adding an exception.

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it is also not completely required that “everyone” agrees, if we can get 99.99% its enough for legal reasons according to vlc’s past experience IIRC.

There is a krita discord? Where please