I found an issue with shortcut assigning

I can’t assign shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + “+” and shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + “-”. This is super annoying because other shortcuts with CTRL + SHIFT + “…” working well. It’s not working with Numpad+ and Numpad- too. I don’t know where should i say about it, it seems like there is no special place for such issues and i don’t use forums much. I’ll just show you gif how i’m trying to assign this fricking shortcut.
GIF 14.09.2020 23-52-58

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Is this the latest version of Krita? Is there any error message after you assign the shortcut.

This is 4.3.0 version of Windows64 Krita. No errors, just pop-up that i’m changing it to already existing shortcut (CTRL + “+” or CTRL + “-”). And i tried in both english and russian layouts. And with CapsLock too.

The Ctrl + and Ctrl - are for zoom in and zoom out action by default, hence it is showing your the error. If you want to re-assign it to something else you have to press re-assign (I don’t know what the translated word is in Russian) instead of pressing cancel. Does reassigning it works?

I need CTRL + SHIFT + “+”. not just CTRL but CTRL + SHIFT. But when i’m pressing CTRL + SHIFT Krita assigning just CTRL. And this problem occurs only with CTRL SHIFT +/- combination. With other keys krita assigning CTRL + SHIFT + key. It doesn’t see SHIFT when i’m tring + and -. This is very strange and unexpected behavior. Btw can you try to assign CTRL + SHIFT + “+” hotkey? I feel like this is a bug and just no one found it.

Aah I now understand the issue. When pressing Shift and = it assumes you are using shift to get the plus key. And it shortens it to ctrl +. I think this is a bug. May I request you to report it on bugs.kde.org under Krita product? Please post the link here so that I can confirm it.

that was hard to use and i feel myself dumb now but ok i kinda did it

Thank you, I confirmed the report.