I have an important question!

Does anybody know how to cancel a stroke if the limit on the cancellation is over?


In this case it’s too late.
You have to erase it with an eraser, or do a paint over.
Or open a backup file if you have one that is not too old.

To avoid this situation next time, you can change undo stack limit in settings (but note that when you change it, it will reset the current undo stack immediately! So made change before starting to draw, or be sure you don’t need to undo before doing this change)


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Thank u (⌒ ⌒)☆

To prevent this next time you can also use the Snapshot Docker. If you are on an important state of your work, which you are scared to ruin, take a snapshot clicking the + Icon in the docker. You can always return to this state of your work by clicking on the cam icon. And you can save several snapshots.

But be careful. I think after going back to a snapshot, you can’t go back forward again. You can prevent this by making a current snapshot before going back to the ones from before.