I have gone a month without much progress... this has been WIP for so long now

Loading screen, plant, monkey, giant airship because I don’t know what to do anymore.

What happened

For a while now, I have had no idea what to make, as I haven’t gotten a good idea I could Translate into something like this. The original plan for this was a detailed scenery thing, but I didn’t know what to put. If anyone bothers to read and they have an idea of what this is and what I could place, maybe respond.


The person with the crossbow needs somthing to be aiming at? A giant worm with teeth or a blood thirsty rabbit. Not sure where you want to take it.

He is aiming at the GIANT EVIL AIRSHIP.

Ok, thought the airship was his… My mistake. Maybe a barbed spinning arrow to rip a big hole in it?

The airship and “person” (monkey) are from Bloons Tower Defense, though most people don’t know what that is.

Further explanation

The airship is from the game, and the monkey is original, but can be said as the Dart Monkey Paragon equivalent. In the game, the arrows are somehow generated by the weapon, and in the drawing, the weapons are customized to reflect that.

If you’re wondering why he has 2 “crossbows”, I planned for the unused black one to be remade further and used as Something Else.