I have yet to learn clothes

Not only am I new to Krita, but I’m also fairly new to drawing. Until a few months ago, I’ve only ever done portrait-view faces, but I am trying my best to learn multi-view, full-body images and the like. I heard about the new Krita forum and figured it would be a fun place to share my progress. Advice/Critiques are accepted! I did this one specifically to make my first post here.


Do you use any method to learn or are you figuring it out on your own?

I’m learning on my own piece by piece. I’ve got Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton that I’m occasionally reading in, but otherwise I’m going off of reference photos and stillframes. I’ve also been studying muscular and skeletal anatomy when I can, which I think has helped in certain areas. Today was actually the first time I spent some time just drawing hands. Turned out pretty well, honestly.