I hope to optimize the multi selection and misoperation of the Android version

  1. I want to carry as few devices as possible when I go out, so I hope krita on Android can be used without a keyboard. In the subsequent update, I want krita to add a check box, which can make multiple selections on the layer.
    2022-08-18 003158

  2. When I use spen to draw, my hand always reaches the screen before spen, which will lead to misoperation. Therefore, I hope the buttons at the bottom of the screen can be closed or moved in the future.

  3. Then there is an unimportant question. Please forgive me for a little obsessive-compulsive disorder. When the file names conflict, the renamed file is [. KRA (1)] instead of [(1). KRA]. Of course, the reading of files will not be affected. :rofl:

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