I just installed Linux Mint 20.1, I installed Kirta

When I open Kirta and Do a new palette, the and save my project. the next time I open Kira my palette is gone. about a year ago I got a File that opened Kirta with out using a repository. the file worked great. I’m disabled and love to draw and paint. I’m going to uninstall my Kirta. Thanks for your time.

God Bless


Hi, I’m not exactly sure what the question is. Your text reads more like a report.

Do you want to know what happened to your palette and how to get it back or is it about something else?

There’s also this post from five days ago:

Yes I’d like to know wow to get a pallet back. also when I was here about a year ago somebody gave ma a link to get Krita in a file format hat opened when clicked, and not installed from repository. so I used snap to install Krita, and could not get it working right. sorry if I don’t explain thighs good lol


That’s probably an appimage, you can download it from the website krita.org .

Hello @hisforeverkid, that was me a year ago who told you how to get the appimage.

Click this link: Krita Desktop | Krita

Then click the large blue button that says “Linux 64-bit Appimage”, that will give you the version 4.4.3 appimage for download.

When it’s been downloaded, right-click it then select Properties, then click on the Properies tab and enable it for execution, then Close.
The appimage file will then run when you double click it.

Personally, I prefer the appimage because it’s so simple to get and to use.

For your palette problem, did you create a personal palette using the Palette docker or did you add colours to an existing palette?
Both are possible and the palette should appear in the drop down list of palettes at the bottom of the Palettes docker.

I uninstall Linux mint and hen Krita too and eerything is great thanks

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