I like animating

I just started getting into animation.


Good for you, @Crystal-Clear! I’ve always loved animation, I just don’t have the confidence to start. :grin:

I like animate, too. I’m really bad animator, but it is really fun and when you see something you did moving, it’s very pleasant! :smile:

Starting is the most hard step. But if you like it, you should overcome that first wall.

When you learn the principles, is a good idea doing some animation challenge. 11secondclub site do a monthly animation challenge. They post a dialogue or something that, and you have to make an animation. It force you to finish an animation, so is a good exercise.

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Good luck! If you need any hints regarding online courses, tutorials etc. let me know. Currently learning animation as well, although I’m focusing more on (rigged) cut-out animation.

If your not counter animating your probably animating good

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@URAVERAGEBOI I’d suggest that you try a simple ‘organic growth/decay’ animation at first and don’t worry about image quality, just concentate on technique and methods.
Or you couold do a roaming squiggle animation which is the easiest of all.

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The DokiDoki Drawing channel has this playlist with animation tutorials. This one I already posted here.