i need help with settings

I dont know how to change that pen is not staing in place and i know that if you hold cursor in one place you can open menu but is there any way to switch it to work only on button so i can make details better?

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Can you explain in more detail what is going wrong for you?
It would be helpful to give specific example of specific menu items and what does or does not happen as you expect it to happen.

Screenshots that illustrate any problem are also useful and can be posted.

sory that i did not give more info im not that good at english.

well when im trying to make a small line, under cm the cursor is stuck and just opens that menu with colours and difrent types of pens, so i cant make line schorter than cm, and i know i can just zoom in but thats not the same.

what I know to do is:

  • take of some heavy programs from the computer, so it will work faster.
  • deleting touch mode of the tablet.
  • on tool options (dockers) to delete the delay option.

well i had open only kirta so its not lag but i will try with dealy

That sounds like the ‘popup palette’ which is usually activated by right-click, either with the mouse or with the right-click pen button.
Are you holding the pen so that you’re accidentally pressing that button?

When drawing/painting, the Tool Options docker has options for Brush Smoothing. If that is set to Stabiliser, you get the delay effect. Try setting it to None or Weighted instead.

no and thats the problem becous it activates when i hold, so i cant make small details.

What about the short line problem? Did you check the Brush Smoothing option and is it set to None or Basic (don’t use Weighted, that can delay the stroke too).

If you hold the pen touching on the canvas, it’s not supposed to open any kind of menu.
Even if you press the pen right-click button that won’t work if the pen is touching on the canvas when you press it (or it shouldn’t).

Which graphics tablet do you have?

Which brush preset are you using?
What happens if you draw with a mouse?
Can you post a full screen screenshot (.png) for the situation where this is happening?