I need prop advice for a picture!

I’m currently in the middle of a picture called “Laina Fixes Her Hair”.

However, I’m not sure what bathroom props should be drawn in! Do any of you guys have any advice on random material found in a bathroom?

Hmm… Think about what might be on the sink, maybe bottles containing hair products, toothpaste, a cup that holds toothbrushes? And how about what’s behind your character, shelves with or without doors, shelves with towels?

I was thinking that there would be some kind of shower behind her. I could search up some stuff

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Good plan. :+1:t2:


This is the finished sketch. What do you think?

my hands are probably going to be dead after the full picture is done :tired_face:

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Yes it’s good. Have fun coloring it!

Just a thought my daughters always have either a hair dryer or straitening / curling tools.

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