I need some advice on the right Huoin for me.

Since I missed the painting competition by a hair’s breadth,:sob: I now have to buy my first graphics tablet with my pocket money … my budget is around € 200 (cash, I don’t have online money, But I’ve heard that you can have such things ordered in some shops and then pick them up from there)

Up until now, I’ve always had about 6 years old Samsung galaxy Tap 3 (i had to draw with finger), so anything that works better than that is fine with me. However, my friends recommend one with a screen. I avoid Vacom for a couple of reasons, including because it is very expensive.

So, can someone recommend something to me? (I’m a beginner) As I said, since the painting contest I’ve really got into Huoin. (Because I actually wanted to take part. My two pictures were almost ready, but then, shortly before the end, my tablet stopped working properly.:sob: I would love to throw my tablet against the wall now because it has let me down.)

Thanks in advance


I use a H320M. It is not a screen tablet that you draw directly on screen but it is very nice and precise. You have to rememeber that a ‘screen’ tablet by Huion needs a computer to operate. To avoid this, you’ll need a tablet like yours Samsung or Apple’s Ipad.

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Yeah, I already knew about the pc, luckily I have a relatively new one. :relieved:

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I use a H610 V2 pro, not a screen tablet so I can’t recommend any to you. However I would like to help somehow until someone else can personally recommend one to you.
Brad Colbow’s Youtube Channel has several review of drawing tablets. I believe including all of the Huion lineup. From what I saw he doesn’t hold back in criticizing or point shortcomings of the products, so he may be a good reference in choosing a screen tablet.
Brad Colbow Channel

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