I need some opinions

As you may know, I’m trying to get better at drawing my characters, and more specifically, the artworks themselves.

But from what I’m seeing, I’m not sure if I’m getting better at impressing you guys. I think you guys could get bored by seeing the same style every single time I upload, and that worries me a little.

So, I want some opinions from you guys. I want to try to get better and draw in more attention.

What can I do with my drawings to draw in more viewers like you? Is there something I’m missing?

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Honestly, there is not much point in impressing us users, or anyone. You should first and foremost draw what you like and not what others want. We’re not your commissioners or anything. Popular artists draw the same style most of their career and no one really cares that it’s always the same.


My 2 cents is : try to collect famous arts that you also like and try to copy what you think they’re doing in there arts.


what @Takiro says… the real answer is it depends on what you want to do. Do you want to expand your style/painting ability or do you want to tell stories of your characters? If it is you painting ability then what @acc4 says is a great way to expand. If you want to tell stories then some forum where comics are presented might be a better venue than here which is more art oriented (at least from my perspective :slight_smile: ).


That’s a little bit too idealistic man.
Most artists have to focus on something that’s popular/others like to make living. It’s not a bad idea to use that as a focus, I just talked with an artist who is learning a different style so he can make a living because his style isn’t popular in his area and he has to pay the bills.
Artists who can afford to work only on what they want are the minority in the business.
Well unless this is a hobby for OP then I take it all back :wink: .


I can confirm this, I like to experiment a lot with my style, but not always everything I draw is liked, so to speak, but I always try to make varied art that others might like without betraying my ideals of drawing what I like the most.

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I think that, unless you are a professional, try to avoid the spiral of: gaining more attention is what I want.

If you are professional, obviously you need aceptation and require a constant improvement in your skills. But if you are just a hobbiest (I think mostly we are here) you only need to enjoy what you are doing. Of course everybody want to improve, and nowdays the Likes fever is everywhere. But I’m sure you don’t like to enter in the black hole of the “thousands of likes”. :grin:

So, enjoy your drawings. Continue learning and practicing. If you get a Like: great. If you get some useful critique: read it with attention. With this, you will be more happy. :smiley:


I appreciate you guys understanding what I’m asking for.

I don’t get pushed around or asked to put something in my artworks. I find whatever’s trending and try to replicate it to go with the flow. I’m not sure if an algorithm or such exists here on the KA forums.

I am an average person in detailed art. My characters may look a little amazing as well as what they’re doing, but even though my style is good but not perfect, it’s missing some marks.

I’m still trying to get the handling of shading, clothing wrinkles, and artwork backgrounds. For now, it feels a little too plain, but that’s just a start.

I don’t get critiqued much. It makes me wonder if people think that my artworks are good the way they are, no matter how average detailed they look.

Sure, I may be at 1.2k given hearts, and I may be a slightly popular person because of what I’m worth to the entirety of the Krita community (you may know why, I’m not making this up), but furthermore, it teaches me a lot. And I’m still learning.

So again, thank you for looking out for me. I’m not perfect, but I’m a side-mark in the timeline of the community’s history. Keep giving your all, and maybe someday you can help me be a staple more than a side-mark. :pray:


While the forum is a great place to talk about Krita related activities, I wouldn’t really consider it an art sharing site. Yes you can share art, but that’s not the main purpose and it does little to push users to interact with such posts compared to pretty much every art-focused site.

You’re not going to get much validation if any here, I’d advise setting up various social media accounts and posting your art as far and wide as possible to get a more diverse and wider audience.
Postybirb is a nice open source program which can help with that.

As for your art itself, if you’re feeling like you’re stagnating that’s usually a good indication that you need to try something new. Experiment with styles, mediums, subject matter, etc so that you can have a more rounded understanding of things like anatomy, composition, colors, and art methodology.


What I usually do, and what I find most helpful in pushing me and my style, is to have an inspiration board to look at while I draw. This is just for inspiration and studying what I like about these pieces, and I try to bring elements from these into the drawing I currently do. Some examples:

Even though they are all Anime, each board has a vibe or style I try to observe and put into my own pieces (when I do anime drawings that is, if I do something else like landscapes or realism, I have images in that style! Here for instance is an inspiration board I had when I 3D modeled my robot.)

And even when I don’t achieve a mixture of these styles or come close, I always learn and find one thing that works for me and forms my style further.

I really recommend it! Find inspirational images from ALL your favourite artists and art you find! Download PureRef, BeeRef or just plop all the pictures together on a Krita Canvas! Then draw using those as inspiration, draw in the style of one, have the colours be in the style of another, and the lighting in the style of yet another artist and so on!

One can only grow as an artist from trying and learning new things. Even if you like your current style, there is no harm in experimenting with going into totally different styles! You don’t have to go gradually, you can just jump into realism and try that for some pieces. Then you find out some things you really like about drawing realistically and can bring that back into your favourite style!
The more styles you explore the more you can mix them into something even more perfect! Basically mixing all your favourite parts from each style :grin:


Since your artwork seems to relate to each other as part of a comic series, I almost feel it would be a disservice to change the style. When I see one of your images, I instantly know it’s yours, and I think that’s a good thing. That being said, as you get more experience, your artwork will evolve over time, which you’ll see happen with many comics/cartoons. You don’t always notice it as it happens, but if you look at any artist’s early works and later works, you can sometimes see a drastic difference.

If you’re feeling bored with drawing in that style, try starting a different project or do test drawings/paintings of different styles, maybe with completely new characters or stories from your normal fare. Try oil or watercolor painting, and try detailed realism and loose impressionism. Try painting things that aren’t people or animals, focusing on landscapes, or interiors, or even still life images. As you learn how to do these things, you may decide to start incorporating some of these techniques into your comics, but only do that if you decide you like it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is any changes you make should be based on how you feel and what you want to accomplish, rather than trying to impress us. But learning new things is always great, so experiment and don’t be afraid of failure. And if impressing us is what you want to accomplish, then I think you’ve already done that anyway :slight_smile:


Like others said, its really for yourself because art is so open ended where you make the rules for yourself. No matter what you do, there will always be someone who is not interested or dislikes what you do. For me, there is a difference when I am using paper + pencil vs digital mainly because I used paper + pencil since middle school (I still have my drawings from that time) while digital is something that I am new to. I have a thumbdrive filled with reference images of things I like to draw (mostly human and animal anatomy charts, since I like to draw humans and animals) and use the reference tool to place them in. To get better is gonna take time and there is no need to rush it. Overtime there will be some different ways you’ll find out that can be used to improve. You can learn from others as YouTube have some very good reasources. Here are some channels on YouTube that I watch, although most of them use paper + pencil, a lot of the information they show can also be used digital:

Drawing & Painting - The Virtual Instructor
Draw like a Sir
Sketchbook Skool
Brad’s Art School
David Finch


Maybe just think about how it feels when you’re working on something - are there any pain points? Is there something that seems to take a lot of time, something you keep trying over and over with? It could be very general, like coming up with a framing for your ideas, or really specific, like drawing hands (well, paws, in your case :D). These are just examples, not based on your work.

Pick one of those things and see what you could do to make it easier. Practice with reference, find other artists who solve the problem in a way you like and copy them. Make a focused effort to improve in that specific area for a while, then see if there’s other things you’d like to work on.

This way you can keep doing the things you like while still pushing yourself forward.

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About critique… most people don’t critique because it is a sensible thing to do. Many people are scared of critique or get demotivated fast and criticizing others in a constructive way is not as easy as it sounds. I like to give critiques and get them. I was raised in online art in a great community where everyone critiqued each other. I see it as nothing as an attempt to help. But when I accidently critique without asking, I sometimes get scolded or destroyed the persons day, without wanting it (mostly in twitch art streams). So meanwhile I try not to critique others, if they don’t ask.

If you want critique on your works, say it clearly in your descriptions, if you don’t already do that. Make sure you want it and won’t get mad or sad or something. You could also offer critique on their works, if they like it and you are good in doing so. A proper critique takes time, thinking and a bit of experience, you are asking others to give that for free to you, so don’t expect much, even if you beg for it.

If you like, I could take a look on your stuff. Just give me a link to your works (best via DM). Otherwise just use all the wonderful tips the others gave here and the links to the tutorials. I already used some of these tutorial channels in the past and they can be really nice and helpful.

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I saw your pics the first time, and less likes you had below the pictures with pregnant dogs.:eyes:Perhaps isn’t obvious your message.

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Seeing the drawings you have placed on your profile, you can start by doing small experiments. Something like:

• Draw a character of your own in a different scenario, from a reference. No need to fully follow the reference, don’t hesitate to style, to match the character’s style. And start with simple references.

• Draw a character with a different expression. Yes, I also like to draw characters smiling or with happy expressions… but the downside of this is that they end up becoming very similar to each other.

Perspective always helps to add some dynamic to the drawing. But, instead of starting to study directly through perspective manuals, it may be better, first, to look for arts with a style close to yours, where perspective was used.

That way you’ll have a good idea of where to start…


This is actually something I deal with a lot, where I’m not pleased with my art style, or I feel that someone doesn’t like it, and I change very frequently.
What I do is just find images on Pinterest that inspire me, and it has helped a great deal for my art.
As far as critiques go, you may want to work on making the clothes have more “character” like wrinkles, patches, and maybe designs. But I don’t see much issue with your art at all. I can see a lot of improvement. I recommend looking at Winged Canvas.

I mostly observe other artists, and I strongly recommend that other does the same to improve their art, perhaps try tracing privately (as in not sharing the traced images) and looking at the anatomy in simplified forms, like boxes.
I do this frequently to improve things I don’t have a full grasp on yet, like differences between male and female anatomy, such as hips and shoulders.

It all depends on what you are comfortable with. Don’t be afraid for it to take a lot of time to improve, for me, it took me months to get a hold of my line art.