I saw an ad for a "new" program but how do I trust?

ok I saw an ad in my email for a very very too good to be true program promising real life like painting feeling.
for the sake of not advertising it if it’s false I’m going to name it “to good to be true paint” software.

so their youtube is around 11 subs, they are offering discounts for their opening and they are promising so much. do you think should I trust them and download the trial?
is there a way to check on them?
I can’t find any name of any known company tied to them though… and how in bloody hell they got my email?!

ok I did an whois on their site and can’t find any contact their either. the only info was they register their site for 1 year and that’s VERY odd for a brand!

If anyone had any similar emails let me know. also if they appear to be an scam I will name them here but for now I will give it some time.