I think I found a bug

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Krita
  2. open any image and dont click anywhere else after
  3. Press Ctrl + LMB on the dockers

An invisible pointer will display the color held on the top left.
In this case I selected text on the log viewer and green appeared

After clicking on something it will dissapear as it updates. this only happens on start up.

I don’t see this happen with the July 19 5.0.0-prealpha appimage when opening a .png image and then selecting text with Ctrl+LMB on the log viewer docker.

Any docker should do it though :thinking: the log viewer was just at hand for me at the moment.

I can’t reproduce it either.
Windows 10; Portable versions: 4.4.5 & c81ba5b & c24193f
Linux, SUSE Tumbleweed in VM; installed via YAST: 4.4.5; + AppImages: git-c81ba5b & git-c24193f


I am on windows with Krita 4.4.5 and it is pretty consistent. If you miss click somewhere it won’t happen.

That is “funny”, I got two Installations of the 4.4.5 on Windows and now checked the other one, one has it the other hasn’t it!? :woozy_face:


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I’ve just tried it with Windows 10, 4.4.5 installed and a late June 5.0.0-prealpha portable .zip.

I get a brush outline at the top left of the image. This is obvious if you use a small image and you’d last used a brush preset with a distinctive shape.
I don’t see any kind of colour square though.

On Linux, the brush outline appears for a short time at the moment that the image first appears on the canvas.

I see a white square for a second
using appimage 4.4.5 (my FG color was by default white)

So I did exactly what you said Ctrl+LMB → color adjusment opens, move the mouse and for 1-2 seconds a white square appears (default FG color), but I don’t think it’s a bug, because to make this white square appearing, put your pointer on your image and just hit Ctrl, it’s the same square (pick a color).
May be just a bit of remaining of the “Ctrl” due to the fact that we stay “for a while” on the Ctrl while “searching” for LMB…
Also my keyboard is PS/2 (not “waiting” for the CPU if I can say that)

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