Ice city (and lava tunnel)

Another drawing for Skybreak!. This place exists in an underground, mile-wide and mile-high chamber on a planet of ice and snow called Melissa. The major buildings were hewn from ice by elves when they used to rule with authority and prestige. Nobles now inhabit the area, along with humans, and are dissociated from the city’s heritage. White ghostly fires illuminate the ceiling, and lanterns of all colors pepper the city walls. Finished this today on 9/24/2020 in 5 hours. It’s technically pixel art, but doesn’t exhibit a lot of “style”, e.g. big blocky pixels and dithering artifacts. I think it looks good though.

2020-09-16 Lava Tunnel
A lava cave done on 9/16/2020, originally intended to be shrunk for use as an avatar. That’s why the detail is a bit low. The size ended up being too small to make out features, so it stayed in its original size. Thought it was neat enough to include.