I'll be going at a large book fair tomorrow, any art related book I should keep my eyes on?

So tomorrow i’ll be heading off to a pretty large book fair - conduct yearly in my country.
so there lots of publisher and book shop there, the last time i’ve been there 2019 i saw a number of books that i dont usually see in my local shop.

I think I’ll be looking for alphonso dunns inking book or tbchoi’s book - if it already made it to a local distributor.

I collect art illustration books, no particular artist, as long as i like the illustrations and i have money.

so is there like some books I should look for? It’s a book hunt - that’s half the fun of going there. :joy:

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I can’t recommend any art books, because I don’t know any.
But I hope you’ll have a lot of fun and can discover some hidden pearls, and also that you can afford these.


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I will for sure and there are also Art materials on exhibit there. ^-^

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