I'm getting out of here!

I’m staying out of this website for an indefinite period of time since I said stupid stuff. This hopefully helps you hate me less than if I continued my idiotic stupidity. Hoo-ray! … You hate me even more now, right? (Disclaimer. This is not an apology. That could make you hate me even more. This is an announcement of I Need To Leave.)

You might be deceived, but I don’t think people “hate” you here.



Pretty sure no one is hating you (at least no one from this website) but thinking twice about what you are going to post before you actually post it would sure help, on other websites too.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone will remember this in another two weeks or so.


I think we have all been in your situation and said things we regretted later.

Don’t overestimate the importance people put on what you say and don’t underestimate their willingness to forgive. Especially if you learn from the experience.

I wish you all the best whether you stay here or end up somewhere else!


You can leave if you wish, but I have to say it, I do not hate users on this forum, I appreciate everyone here, including you as well. If you are going to leave, then I hope you find somewhere else to share your art. :slightly_smiling_face: )


I don’t even know you, I replied once to one of your topics. I have no opinion of you to hate you.


What things have you said that you regretted sooner or later? Especially something you think you shouldn’t have said, I don’t know, a few minutes later?

I’ve tried my best to put those things behind me and I don’t like to bring them up again.

It may have been a joke that just fell flat or an art critique or something else where I got an acrid reply from the author or someone else pointed out that what I said was inaccurate and/or hurtful.

Then I think “I’m such an idiot” and beat myself up mentally like Ren does to Stimpy:

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So i was thinking what?

And went back into your post - and from my reading I dont think anyone here hate you.
Its a joke fell flat and they explained why it fell flat qnd that its weird abd out of the blue, that its be best to just be done with.

Oth i notice you have tendecy with words where you immediately put in wrting what you think the reader think. Even though they probly dont think about it that way.

you put that people think the worst of you/ your work and run with it. Even if no one is thinking at that extreme.

Someone saying this is weird is not equivalent of i hate you.

Thats not healthy. It end up confusing people and youll end up feeling alienated.

We make mistakes, we accept that , put it behind us and take the learning from it to better our self.

Joking is a matter of knowing and defining where the boundary. Sometimes we go over it and we pull back and admit thats too much for thats specific audience and next time we try to joke we now know the previous attempt is a no and we dont go over that.

Dont dwell too much on it. We all had made embarrasing things or things or joke we wish we didnt . Time to time it haunts you back - but they are fragment of the past that cannot be change but can be put behind :sweat_smile: