I'm going to be trying a new tablet soon-

Well, provided that it doesn’t go missing, or porch-pirates come, but I don’t have a issue with those kinds of people. yet

I’m going to be getting a Huion Inspiroy H580X, and it’s my first tablet with tilt support! So, I will be trying out some tilt brushes.
And that’s about it, yes I will start digital art again!
It’s been a little while, so may be a bit rusty on Krita, but only for a few things.


I own one Inspiroy H950p and I’m very happy with it. It works nice in Krita and GNU/Linux. It has tilt but I don’t use that feature very much. :sweat_smile:


Yeah? I’m actually a bit intimidated by it, since I’ve never used that feature lol.
It’s probably only going to be in my pencil brushes. :pencil2:
I was actually considering buying a Huion H640p, but decided on the H580X after a while.

Hmm… It does not list Krita when describing what art software it works with. Maybe someone could tell them? :grin:

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Hmm… I think so. No one I know has ever had issues with it in Krita.
There isn’t a reason for them to not list it. :thinking:

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I like my huion tablet. Great for the price I paid.
Tilt is definitely a game changer. It might take a bit of getting used to hand placement. It can be tricky with some brushes.

I would like tilt to work by quadrant. Like tilt lower right and the brush goes to 4h30m (clock needle direction). Upper right 2h30, upper left 10h30m, L.L. 7h30m.

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Yeah. I really don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say Huion was bad. They are affordable, and excellent quality.
Trying out the tilt will be fun!!
Also, it’s supposed to arrive tomorrow :)))))


Hey, I’m curious: are you running the Digimend Free/Libre driver or the proprietary Huion Linux driver?

Maybe you want information on the H950p in specific, but I’m using Linux and the H610 Pro V2 (Discontinued I believe, but has krita listed in the bottom of their page :rofl:).

I’m using Digemend’s driver as it enables tilt support for my tablet on Linux. The proprietary didn’t had tilt support when I tested in mid-2020.

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I’m using DIGImend.

When I bough it there isn’t Huion GNU/Linux driver yet. I realised some time ago they started developing one, but it is still in beta stage. So, I’ve not testing it yet. I think I’ll wait to stable release. Anyway, for the use I do, DIGImend drivers works fine for me and I really don’t missed any feature. I did easyly set lefty mode (I’m left handed) and it’s all I need. :sweat_smile:

Good. I want to try/review a Huion’s medium one someday and see how they compete with Wacom Intuos Medium, and Gaomon Mk2018, but I wanted to put my hands on a Linux/Digimend compatible device. Thanks for the info.


Does tilt work? I am planning to get it as a spare tablet.

Yes, it works flawless full tilt: elevation and rotation.

PD: well, you’d need to believe I’m using a H960p, but I swear it is true! :rofl:

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Actually, just to see I checked the price on the Wacom Intuos Medium and the GAOMON M10K2018, and jeez $184 dollars… :skull:

Thanks!. the tablet is really cheap here almost 1/7th price of wacom medium tablet price

Gaomon cannot compete with huion, it is part of huion and is responsible for low-end products…

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That tablet is very similar to the one I bought, has that same “half moon/semicircle” buttons instead of a slider or dial.
It also has that thicker looking pen that I wanted. That thing that they do to Krita is weird to me, you see something like:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, SAI, Clip Studio Paint, Corel Painter, CorelDRAW… And finally Krita.

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Oh, I had no idea. How do you know this?

Basically, except wacom, other digital board brands come from China. Therefore, I can easily query their information.

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Alright, everyone, the tablet will arrive today! I will let you know how it holds up! :smile: