I'm having an Issue with Krita and this is the only form of contact

I’m having an Issue with Krita, mainly with the circle eraser tool. This brush has always erased everything strongly, not fading the lines but actually erasing them. Today it’s started only fading lines and it’s impossible to actually erase anything with it.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Which version number of krita are you using?
Which operating system are you using?
Are you having a problem when using the mouse or a graphics tablet stylus?

Can you upload a full screen screenshot (.png) while this problem is happening?

A long shot, but have you perhaps lowered the brush opacity by mistake? If it is not at 100% it will not erase fully, just like you describe.

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Chances are you’ve changed a setting for the eraser without knowing it. It’s easy do do. Try selecting the eraser and clicking on the reset button in the top menu bar near the size and opacity buttons.

Another way is to select the eraser and press F5 to bring up the settings panel. At the top of the panel you might see a warning that the tool has been changed. There’s a reset button there too.

These reset buttons are very helpful when youve been experimenting with settings and you want to start over again.