im new and need some help

Hello im new here to krita and to drawing as you probely can se :rofl: :rofl:

i whas hopping for some help with what i can do better and how :slight_smile:

i been drawing for i think 50hrs or so but its hard to know what im doing wrong and how to make it better so i whas hopping that you guys and girls mabye can help me and im relly sorry for my bad speling :rofl:


Hard to give advice unless you have some goals. What artists or pieces do you like? What do you want your art to look like - is it just dragons, is it realism or pixel art, is it for a game or a museum, etc.? If you haven’t done any research into what artists, styles, subjects, etc. you like, that should probably be your first step. If you don’t want to be bothered with that - anatomy is foundational for any creature or humanoid and that is something lots of great artists constantly practice and novices constantly avoid :slight_smile:


dude you are why deper in to this then me im only drawing for it helps me relax :rofl: but you dide say some relly good things there im mostle drawing things like monsters, dragons, things from mythology its an interest off mine but that first step you sad how do i do that im relly dum when it cames to this things any tips where i can find anatomy for monsters? and thx for the tips it gave me somthing to relly think about :slight_smile: and the pictore whas mostly to show at what level im at in drawing :slight_smile:

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Well imitate what you like. That is always a good starting point. It is what I am gonna do myself in a couple of weeks.

This is the best explaination on how to become an artist with one focused goal!!

okej i will try that ty :slight_smile:

im not sure that i whant to be an artis im only doing this for 1 its relly fun 2 its helping my to relax so i dont have any goals but this is starting to get more and more fun so i whas starting to whant to get a litel bit better at it but only i dont relly now what im am doing wrong whit my drawings butt kynlo gave me some good tips so im going to start studing anatomy and you saying that i need to have a goal sunds like somthing to start whit ty for the tip :slight_smile:

That’s the same reason i do it!!! :wink:

I don’t follow many artists that work in fantasy creatures, maybe some other folks can share some names here as well - but i do know of these:

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All of that is very cool. The art by Marta is mind blowing. I also only draw for my own fun and entertainment. (Never heard of Behance)

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i dont know what is the most mindblowing how good they are or how mutch time they most have practiced there drawing skills if i ever get like 1% off there skill im happy for the rest off my life :rofl:

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Some of the things that have helped me are

1: watching tutorials on youtube and actually following them to draw the same thing as best as I can.

2: trying to draw a copy of another drawing/image I like. Tracing is fine at first, but eventually you want to work on doing it without tracing. Sometimes I’ll pause an anime I’m watching at a scene that looks cool, and just try to draw the scene as closely as I can. Just a warning, it should go without saying, don’t post your copies without also posting/crediting what you copied. In fact, I would recommend getting permission from the artist before posting your copy anywhere at all.

3: when drawing something (or copying something), I now focus on light and shadow, rather than just shapes/outlines and colors. Outlines can still be used if you’re going for a cartoony look, but it’s the light and shadow that makes an artwork stand out (not counting abstract art, which I have no advice for). If you look at most cartoons, even the most flat-shaded ones still make use of highlights and shadows to define the 3D shape of things. I think most tutorials will also focus on this, so if you do #1 above, this will start to be ingrained, but I think most good artists see things this way almost naturally (can’t say for sure, since I’m not a good artist :slight_smile:) so they don’t always talk about it.

4: Just draw! If you enjoy it, just draw what you enjoy. Practice by itself doesn’t make perfect, but it does help, especially if you keep trying new things. Learning new techniques can make drawing more fun, but if you ever get to where it’s not fun, just take a step back and try drawing something you’ve drawn before and enjoyed drawing. Since you’re not doing it for a job, there’s no pressure to be great or produce new things.

One last thought that might help: think of a story with what you draw. The drawing doesn’t have to tell the story, but I think it’s easier to make an interesting artwork if the person or the place has a backstory, or the character is doing something that you understand in your mind, even if it’s not clear in the artwork itself.


Start with a very small goal using simple/default brushes and other stuff provided by krita. Then, slowly improve your skills and start using the brushes which are there on websites + start working on colors(if you like, personally i won’t prefer colors).
This is what I did for myself. If you think that its good for you then do this.
But you mentioned that you’re not sure whether you want to be or not , then once you start doing it will become a hobby which is great.

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forst of ty for taking the time write down al off this for me :slight_smile:
i did start whit doing numer 1 on paper but then my wife gave me this draw pad thing and now its like im 10 times wors then i whas with paper and pen as you can se on the picture havent ben that bad since i started drawing and after using this drawpad im relly bad with paper and pen to ( i have never ben good at drawing to start with ) but i suppose i simpli need to grind grind and grind some more :slight_smile: but ty for the advice :slight_smile:

that is relly true i am super new to this so its grinding for me like with all ty for the help :slight_smile: