im stuck in grayscale, plz help me asap:)))

so when i was drawing on krita, i saw there was a “channel” tab on the right. There are blue, green, red, and alpha options. Since I’ve never seen this tab, so I tried clicking blue, after that suddenly it lags. Then I tried clicking below it too, red green and alpha, hoping that it wouldn’t lag anymore. Again, it lags, and suddenly my drawing turns gray! I panicked, then I went to image > convert image color space. Surprisingly, the model is still RGB/alpha, not changing to grayscale/alpha at all. I’ve also tried checking filter > adjust > desaturate, but the settings are still normal, nothing has changed. I’ve also checked all the other settings, and they’re all the same: nothing changes. In fact, the image is already grayscale, but why the settings are just normal? I’ve also tried saving my image, re-opening krita and my image earlier, but it’s still stuck in grayscale. Now what else should I do? Please help me asap, I’m drawing for a competition and the deadline is getting closer and closer bruh

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What you’re describing is the Channels docker. It can be used to disable any or all of the Blue, Green, Red or Alpha channels.

A screenshot of the Channels docker would be useful to see at the moment.
There’s a tick box next to each channel thumbnail so try clicking in them to make sure they are all enabled:

They’ve been enabled all, but it’s still grayscale🙂

Save your work and then make a new file and try painting in a variety of colours. If you do that, does it paint normally in full colour?

Which version number of krita and which operating system are you using?

Also, post a full screen screenshot with the Channels and Layers docker showing.

New file works in all varieties of colours? yes

Krita version number: 4.4. 5
OS: 64 bit

Where did the Channels docker go to?

If you now open the previous file that had problems, can you paint normally in it?
If not, can you post a full screen screen shot?

It would be a very good idea to upgrade to version 4.4.8.

It looks like your operating system is Windows. Is it Windows 10?

I think you have probably 2 options here.

  1. go to the channels docker, uncheck something and recheck it.
  2. Save all the RGB images into something PNGs or something other than KRA and then import all of it into another file.

Sometimes some sessions become cursed and importing things into another session helps. But those cursed files tend to be good case studies for the developers to see if there is something really worth fixing inside krita itself if it is just not miss use.

Oh thank you so much for ur advice:)))
Yes im using windows 10
Could i give the screenshots tomorrow? It’s already 12.45 am in indonesia and i must go to bed

Sleep well :slight_smile:

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