Image is darker after uploading, colour space Issue?


I finished this one, AFTER uploading as jpg the image gets awfully dark on instagram, artstation, and on this forum as well I see…

Only when capturing my own screen to make a copy do I get the right image.

Any hints as to what might cause this? I feel as if I’m hitting this signpost that says: “You’ve ignored colour space for waaay too long, no escaping now!”?



Kinda, yes :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the color space of your .kra image (on the bottom bar of Krita when you open it), what is the color space of your .png or .jpg image (also open in Krita and check the bottom bar), does the .png or .jpg image look different inside and outside Krita on the same system (just open in a random image viewer), and what is the color space set up in Configure Krita -> Color Management -> Display? And do you have a wide gamut monitor or just a standard one, or do you make have a Macbook?

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All of them are rgb/alpha, however, when I change color space to CMYK/ alpha, the same thing happens:

On my computer the color is the same everywhere. Only when I upload a picture to, say, instagram, whatsapp or this forum, does the darkening occur. The only way to prevent this is to take a screenshot and save that.
btw I have no more bar below :thinking:
my screen is a benq pd series with rec 709 and sRGB mode

This usually happens to me when I accidentally forget to export images in 8-bit color space. I usually work in with 16-bit colors for some extra precision, but web browsers (among other software) seem to think that’s a bit excessive :man_shrugging:

Go to Image -> Properties… -> Image Color Space

Does your Depth drop down say “8-bit integer/channel” or anything else? If not, try setting it to 8-bit, press OK, and then export the image :slight_smile:

hi i’m having this problem, i have a macbook & my colors are exporting over saturated ? i’ve never had this problem b4 but all of a sudden i have this problem for any program i export from. i thought it was an apple problem so i contacted apple support but they couldn’t help me and said it was likely a problem w/ exporting from the program. is there a fix? i would start a new topic but it won’t let me so here are some pictures,


within the program:

it barely looks like a difference on here but its really noticible to me on any photo viewer i use, and even if i upload it to a browser

The color space is not all; you also need to know the color profile (I guess you’re using the linear one by mistake) and the bit depth. @Kapyia had a good suggestion that works because the 16bit is by default linear, while 8bit is by default gamma-corrected. Linear values that are incorrectly shown as if they were gamma-corrected gives this kind of effect.

Do you have a Macbook? Then you need to go to Krita settings -> Color Management -> Display -> and select the profile dci-p3 or something similar as the profile. Then check if your images are the same inside and outside Krita.

Does this have to be done every time when working with 16-bit or is enabling “Force convert to sRGB” on PNG export the same thing?

“sRGB” does not imply 8-bit color space I’m afraid.
I don’t know of any way to automate this, sadly. It might be possible to create template .kra files with this already configured, but I haven’t tried it myself so I don’t know if it will work.

this is what i see, and I’m guessing the one highlighted is the right DCI p3 profile. my colors are still very oversaturated when exporting. any more ideas?

ahh i found the problem, i had to click the profile that says “display” , thank you so much!

no such option :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought you meant that there was an option simply saying ‘8-bit’ without the ‘integer/channel’ because of the way you formulated your sentence :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways it doesn’t help, the problem persists…

Can you share one of the files that are affected by this? You can create a new one, just make sure it is affected.

Well, I suppose you mean the .kra file? Share via google drive?