Imagine a Bob Ross Plugin XD

I dont know if it is possible or not but it would be funny if you hear his voice when you tried to undo. XD


Me when speedpainting. Undo/Redo just takes valuable time.

Speaking of which, imagine a plug in that prevents you from painting after reaching a set time limit.

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Timer Watch can do that. just set the time and activate the alarm the pop up window will block all inputs once it comes up.

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Didn’t know. But I think I need a bit more than a pop up, that’s too easy to ignore. something that is more of a hassle to cheat on. I know myself x3

what would you even need so you don’t break your own rules that you break? XD

It must be more annoying than to just roll with it, basically.

Maybe like instead of a pop up editing just stops working for no apparent reason, like when you are on a wrong locked layer by accident. Then after I was raging for about 10 minutes I realize the time was up and for continuing working it I had to deactivate the plug-in because the kra file itself is flagged as “done” and it’s even exported with the meta data. Ideally Krita calls someone over who hits me with a stick. Would work for the undo-block too :laughing:


If you insist and live around the corner I could sit in my wheelchair and come in for a moment? :wink:


I cut the file and cleaned the noise from the recording.

Bob Ross saying: “We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents”.


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