Improve audio for syncing

So the audio features in Krita are pretty limited, so I just thought of a temporary solution that would work for lip-syncing. Since scrubbing through the timeline produces a sound every like 10+ frames, I just thought that when you press the arrow keys on the left and right of the play it could play a chunk of the sound, if you pressed it slowly, it could play a perfect sound every time and would be good enough to lip-sync properly. (This isn’t too complicated right??? Also include the left and right arrow keys of course)

Krita isn’t audio-workstation class software so yes, the features are limited.

If I do manual scrubbing on the timeline, the sound plays continuously and quite well if I do a good constant scrubbing speed. Using a .wav file gives me a less choppy result than using an .mp3 file for this.

For playing a chunk of sound, I find that I can select a frame and press Play and playback starts fine and stays fine so I can then manually Stop anytime later and press Play again to repeat the chunk from the originallly selected frame.

I have a ten year old computer running Linux and haven’t fitted a sound card.
It may be that you have hardware or OS limitations that are causing you problems with playback on scrubbing.

Mm, it should be the OS since I brought my Lenovo Thinkpad this year, which uses Windows (This is from the Microsoft store), but I still this feature would help me

*but I still (think) this feature would help me