Improve the Concentric Ellipse from Assistant tool


I’m a professional drawer and I use Krita for my work since 3 years now.

You can see that I like to use the Concentric Ellipse from the Assistant Tool.

After using it a lot, I think this tool deserve some improvement. Same as the two point perspective assistant tool, the Concentric Ellipse can be better for a faster workflow.

Here a picture of ideas.

I copy some tips from a different drawing software. I know it’s forbidden to copy, but I can explain why.

1: Slide the ellipse with magnetism on the minor axis (object’s direction)
Why? Because it helps a lot to draw a wheel or a cup without losing the axis of the object’s direction. With traditional drawing we need to draw the object’s direction and follow it.

2: Rotate the ellipse from the center without changing the ellipse shape
Why? Because now in Krita if you want to rotate your ellipse you lost the size of your major and minor axis and you need to find back all the good proportions.
In traditional drawing, we use a metric isometric ellipse shape (too expensive) and it’s super easy to rotate. I try to use one with my tablet, but it doesn’t work well…

3: Grow and reduce the ellipse without changing the ellipse shape
Why? Because now with Krita if you want to grow or reduce the ellipse with the major axis it’s changing the size of the minor axis.
In traditional drawing, the metric isometric ellipse shape has different size.

4: Inside the ellipse became a selection
Why? Because sometimes when we paint we need a sharp edge with ellipses (a glass, a wheel,…) and it’s super hard to have this with Krita. And having the ellipse as a selection offer all the selected options.
I never see this feature in other software. People use Ellipse Tool, place the circle, transform it in an ellipse, place it and selected it. It’s super slow.
I see that Krita can edit the ellipse selection, but it’s lagging with rotation and it’s hard to be accurate.

For the ellipse drawing I found Lazy Nezumi Pro who uses a powerful Ellipse Assistant, but I think Krita can be improve on the Ellipse Assistant tool.

Let me know what you think about this feature for the Concentric Ellipse.


I just try Lazy Nezumi Pro with Krita and the ruler fit to the screen and not the canvas.
If I move or rotate or zoom I need to replace the ruler…
This tool works better with Photoshop.

lol :sweat_smile:

Not sure the problem came from Krita :slight_smile:

Anyway, your proposition to improve assistant tool are very good.
I’m often annoyed when I have to modify an ellipse assistant tool, to move it or resize it without modifying ratio, angle, alignment…
Hope this idea could be taken in account for Krita 5.1 :grimacing:



Cool :slight_smile: I hope so :crossed_fingers:
And you right, LNP works with Photoshop just because the developer makes an add-on for Photoshop ^^
I ask him if he wants to do the same for Krita. Who knows? xD

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No it is not forbidden, just that it needs very good reasons and it must be best way to solve the problem at hand. We should take in to account what other software does and come up with something better if possible, If it not possible we can copy the feature. The goal is to understand the problem and improve existing implementation.

Thank you for explaining the problem well and also providing context etc to your problem. I agree on your points and +1 for me for this feature.

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Just to show how I use the Concentric Ellipse tool. And I’m still interested to improve it ^^

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