Improvements to the gradient and fill tools

In this thread, people are talking about “Drag and drop colors to fill the shape”. I wanted to expand this to include patterns and gradients, and made some adjustments to the existing tools.

First, I think the Fill and Gradient tools need a “Preview” option. If it is not checked, they will fill directly. If it is checked, we can make subsequent adjustments and then confirm
For example.
If we are not satisfied with the solid color of the fill, we can adjust the hue, brightness and saturation
Angle, shear, zoom of the pattern
gradient’s shape, repeat, etc.

This can be adjusted in the “Tools Options” docker. Or press the right button (long press on tablets) to bring up an additional floating window
Then we press enter (double click on the tablet) to confirm

For the gradient tool, we need an additional handle

2.We can choose to “Fill to current layer” or "Create a new fill layer"
When we choose ““Create a new fill layer””, the extra area will be filled with black to hide it

  1. We can drag and drop gradients and patterns to the canvas, and we can fill the shape instead of the whole layer

  2. We can limit the gradient to the closed area when we use it, instead of using a selection. When we click with the gradient tool or drag a gradient to the canvas, it automatically creates a gradient, which defaults to a top-to-bottom radial gradient

    By forming a rectangle from the top, bottom, left and right of the shape, we can also set basic presets such as horizontal and diagonal. Then there is a “reverse” option

The “preview” mode of a pattern may require a visual aid, such as a circle containing a rectangle. The circle controls the angle, the radius controls the zoom, the rectangle controls the shear … but I don’t think my design is good :fearful:
That’s all I can think of at the moment. If you guys have any good ideas or suggestions you can also put forward.