In brush presets, you can display brushes using

:worried: Maybe my this request could hinder manufacturing of kaita,but I really hope it can come true.
Look at the pictures,plese.(I can’t use English well.They can help us understand it)
If we press F5,we can seeET43K6M$}ZKH9EJCJ~Y{VJ
And I hope we also can see it in

Of course,Someone likes the much easier face,like we usually use.
Users can choose about it.(It can also appear as a python but I have not the ability.sorry :cry:

Here is the Chinese version next.

Thank you for reading in your busy time. Thank you very much again. :heart:

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That is a good looking idea and I can imagine it in use.
It is possible in the same way that many things are possible. However, it’s a question of the number of developers who are available to work on it and if there is other work that they need to be doing.
(There is a small number of developers and a lot of work that they need to be doing right now and in the near future.)

You’re proposing that each Brush Preset Docker entry has the ‘preset icon’ (as it does) and the ‘preset name’ (as it does) then an additional ‘stroke icon’.

The stroke icon image is already created in the Brush Editor so there is the source of the image for it. The next question, a lot of questions, is how would this be organised internally (a question for the developers) and how would this appear in use (for discussion by users and developers)?

There are formal processes for proposing new ideas and one of the developers could probably give information about that here.

I’d be happy to see it but I don’t think it will happen in the near future because of other demands on developer effort and time. Please keep proposing ideas though because it’s always interesting to see other people’s ideas. It is possible that a developer thinks this is a brilliant idea and that they want to start work on it as soon as they can. Many things are possible :slight_smile:

Note: I used Google Translate ( ) on your Chinese version and the results were very good. Can you use it?


I also feel happy about that my request could be agreed.So,let‘s cheer for Krita? :wine_glass: :relaxed:

Tell a secret(In fact,I use the Google Translate as well)

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您好,您所提出的功能请求是在笔刷选择器中加入预览图(楼上使用的词为「stroke icon」)。我能了解这一功能的作用。然而,Krita的全职开发者正正进行资源部分的重构,俟其完成之后再攻此项,或更为便捷明快。感谢您对Krita的宝贵建议与长久以来的支持。