In Good Hands

I’m going to call this one done. Lot of learning on this my first pencil/charcoal digital drawing.
More to come but for now I think I’m back to something colorful.

In Good Hands
by Kenny A. Chaffin
4000 x 4000 pixels
About 40 hours
Painted in Krita from a reference photo

Brushes Used: c) Pencil-6 Quick Shade, h) Charcoal 10 Willow BlockGrainy, c) Pencil-4 Soft, h) My Chalk Grainy, h) Charcoal Pencil Large, c) Pencil-2, DA Pastel 10 Soft touch, h) Charcoal 09 Willow-Thick, k) Blender Blur

Many of these were learning, testing, trying…I ended up mostly using my modified Chalk Grainy brush which is the standard Chalk Grainy but at lower Opacity


What tablet device do you use if you don’t mind me asking? Drawing digitally didn’t lessen the time? I very much enjoyed a long view.


I’m using a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium on a Dell XPS 15 with a LG 27" external monitor…

I spent a lot of time just trying/learning on this one… very different from traditional pencil/paper…and ‘inverted’ drawing as well on this one (white on black).

Well done. A tremendous amount of work. I would never have the patience. I hear you about going from traditional media to digital. I went from charcoal to a Wacom and it was like sliding on ice. A big adjustment. Good for you.

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Thanks Eric!

Although, I usually draw things on digital, and also what all I’m used to are the digital paintings or 3D illustrations, I always liked pencil sketch or dessin drawings. I don’t know which word I have to choose to express the art, Final boss of fundamental-traditional art?

That expression of the wrinkles and fur is just impressive. Your trying jumping across the wall between Unplugged and Digital is going successfully, it seems. Great!

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Thanks @Joomay I don’t plan to leave the traditional pencil behind, but would like to be able to do near similar work digitally…I’ve yet to find digital brushes, media, etc that behave the same as the natural media…some are getting close with both Krita and Painter…the are such vastly different mediums that they will neve be exactly the same but that’s okay. Both are good and have their advantages!

you’re welcome to take a look at some of my traditional pencil work (and some of my previous Painter Digital work) at my Deviant Art site - kennyc User Profile | DeviantArt

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What a sensitive drawing. Even more impressive after I read your comment about drawing white on black. Sounds like it would carry the difficulty of working with a mirror. Well done.

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Thank you @Sooz ! I have a heck of a time with ‘negative drawing’ with a pencil…just doesn’t click in my brain or something! :slight_smile:

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Beautiful !
You must have patience like a Zen :smiley: !!

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Interesting you say that, because I do feel it is something of a meditation session, particularly when I am doing my traditional pencil drawings and also with the birds I’ve been painting in Krita… :grinning:

Thank You!

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Yes,I know that feeling :slight_smile: !

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