In wonderment of winter


Wow it looks like a 3D animation shot! :exploding_head:


Very Nice!

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Very nice!

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I thought that might be yours when I saw the thumbnail!

There’s so much that’s technically great about this - all the compositional elements; use of values, selective lighting, repeating shapes, variety, framing, layering, leading lines, aerial perspective… Coupled with a really nice use of palette and stylisation. Very clean and consistent rendering too!

I wish I could do all that at once… :yum:


excellent work

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Thank you :blush: Work with value and color was hard, it is truth. About style I was inspired by cartoon Klaus (I have studied some frames from movie for understanding of composition and working with shapes) and other pieces which capture winter.

Gif with stages

And it was really interesting to work with texture brushes and create new brushes.


The first thing that came to my mind is : “Is that from Klaus ?!”

Nice work, it looks gorgeous ! :blush: :heart:

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This is so nice, the colors and the depth, it’s just so nicely framed. Do you post here often? ;0

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Beautiful !

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Beautiful! I actually recognized it and love that movie you took your inspiration from. Well done Tea :snowflake:

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Exquisite art!

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May I ask you what color profile and channel depth settings are you using? I see that you have a very bright and saturated color in the picture. And I have a problem with the dustiness of colors. I would be very grateful for your advice.

Hi, I use sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile and 8-bit integer/channel
Also I use many modes of layers (overlay, luminosity/shine, lighten, soft light) to reach brightness. After all I go to photoshop and use Camera Raw for color correction

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Thank you, I post here from time to time :upside_down_face:

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Thank you!