Inconsistent Lines


I always get these weird gaps around the start of my stroke.

When I use the tablet tester it all works perfectly fine, so from what I heard, it’s not a tablet-realted issue then.

Also I tried other programs (Paint & FireAlpaca) for reference and I couldn’t replicate the issue there.

This all started when I got my new Tablet (XP Pen Artist 22E Pro) (Driver: Win_1.6.4.200728). On my old one (XP Pen Star 03) it all worked as intended. Also, I’m working on a Windows, as the driver suggests. Is there any known fix for this issue?
I only found one reddit post relating to the same question and there was no fix mentioned in there.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

There is a thing with Windows where you have to choose between Wintab and Windows Ink for the driver interface method.
This is done at Settings -> Configure Krita -> Tablet settings group, where you enable/disable those selection tick boxes.
That has to match up with what your tablet is set to and also the Windows Ink settings of your computer.

Here is a quote taken from @tiar who knows much more about it:

Thanks for your reply.
I already tried out both variations (WinTab + no Windows Ink & Windows 8 + Pointer Input + Windows Ink enabled) but unfortunately, that didn’t solve the problem either.

Were you sure to restart your PC after changing the setting? especially to Windows Ink, I dunno why but it seem to make a lot of difference.