Increase performance

I have a MacBook Air 2017 (yeah I know, pretty crappy). However, krita works relatively good (based on the machine specs). Though I can work pretty well with the current performance, is there any advice to increase performance by tweaking the settings? Of course without frying the CPU which thermal throttle instantly because of apple’s crappy thermal design, and their policy of having the machine as quiet as possible until it explodes. I hope some person in apple developing team sees this thread and fix this by adding some option to keep the fans running when of power adapter or have a lower activation heat.

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It sounds like you should make a post on an Apple developers forum :slight_smile:

If you go to Settings -> Configure Krita - Performance group there are various settings that can be adjusted but with care and do make notes about what you do so you can set things back if you make it worse.

On the General tab, there should be no need to increase the Memory LImit allocation unless the status bar indicator shows that you’re using maybe too much RAM (by turning yellow or red).
Also remember that macOS and the krita application itself need RAM to run and work. Both those together probably need 2GB or more to run and survive.

On the Advanced tab, you can try increasing the CPU limit which may or may not help with certain aspects of performance (I don’t know which ones).

The Limit frames per second slider has a particular tool tip note about macOS which may be of interest.
Underneath that, if you have any debug/logging items ticked then you can turn them off to see if that helps.

As general advice, don’t run any other applications at the same time, such as a browser playing YT music videos.

Other people can probably tell you about things like increasing the brush tip step size to get small performance increases, at the cost of stroke quality.

I just sent a feedback to apple. I encourage everyone to send a request to this feature (fan control) to apple so we can, us apple users, benefit the most of both this amazing software and the premium, though not perfect, machine