Indexing colors

Just a little question.

Is there a way to index colors of the image like in Photoshop? I guess the palettize filter is the most close but that is using a color palette predefined and not generating one from the actual image.

Is there a way to simply extract a certain amount of colors of the actual image as a palette? Or do I have to select each color manually?



That’s kinda yes a way to get reduced colors from a image, but I still would have to manually pick each color to make the palette and the image isn’t in a indexed color mode like in photoshop.

Simple example also would to open a gif image and be able to see and edit the indexed color palette it uses.

I found out a couple of days ago that clicking on the advanced colour selector box brings up options including ‘colours from image’, and you can choose e.g. the height/width of the swatch boxes and how many to show. An imported image, going to this setting, then refreshing, brings up the colours. Really awesome feature to find.

colours from image


There is no indexed color mode in krita. :frowning:

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That’s sad :slight_smile:

But it would be nice to have something like it. Or more around creating palettes. I’m just trying to find what is possible. I’m using PS for 30 years almost and used to those things :slight_smile:

I’m going to try, thanks for the hint!

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@Soma Great! Hope it’s near enough to what you need.

I just tested and there’s no way to export that color as palette easily?
Also it only shows me 27 colors on a image with 64 colors! Options are set to 64 max. This is on a png or gif image open.

I’d only got as far as choosing 15 colors, and making them larger blocks, in order to screenshot the blocks, then bring the screenshot in to manually create a palette from. With 64 colours that would take you a very long time! Might it be that there are other dockers on that side of the UI, and there isn’t space to show the 64? Total guesswork here, lol, as I’m not very tech about things.

Looking at the palette docker notes, I can’t see that e.g. a png/screenshot can be imported:

Unfortunately I can’t find any information about the ‘colours from image’ in the manual, but hopefully someone who knows this feature better can help with why it isn’t showing enough colours and any possible way to save the colours.

This was where I found out about this feature:

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There’s no indexed color mode in krita, because that would literally mean rewriting the program. It was never designed for it.

As for generating a palette from an image… the colors from image doesn’t really do that, afaik. There isn’t any such functionality in Krita proper, I am afraid.


Thank you wolthera. I see. It would be awesome to have some more control over color palettes for pixel art.

How much would be possible to extend functionality towards 256 color palettes and the gif or png 8bit format without huge efforts?

We can already open indexed pngs and gifs, and I think it might be possible to output the indexed colors into a palette associated with the document (after the resource rewrite is done), but a full indexed workflow would really require a full rewrite of all color managed components.

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GIMP does indexed colour images with palette generation and custom palettes.
It’s on Image -> Mode -> Indexed.
Just saying :slight_smile:

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For 256 color workflow, I would be looking into other software due to technical reasons. Go for GraFX2 or AseSprite.

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