Indications of graphics tablet for Krita (Windows 10 + Android)?

@ Grum999 and friends.
Any indication of the graphics tablet for Krita (Windows 10 and Android)?
Preferably a low-cost solution!
For delivery in my country, I usually buy on Aliexpress, but any other store is welcome.

Hi @webipsum

I’ll recommend the Huion tablets. Even the low-cost models are good to digital drawing. They have nice sensibility and awsome software. Check their store at Aliexpress.

My Wacom Intuos low end tablet works on the Chromebook (and Windows) but I don’t know if it works on Android.

Wacoms also have very solid support on Linux whereas others often are harder to set up.

Never mind, I didn’t read it’s about Windows.

@dhiego and @AhabGreybeard
Grateful for the answers. I saw this VINSA (U$ 50) model on Aliexpress and asked the seller if it is compatible with Krita. I’m waiting for an answer.

Its indication is more portable.
I don’t need to take it from place to place.
Is bigger inch better for the purpose?

The website says it is compatible with Android.
But in my country, the price of U$ 120 makes the acquisition unfeasible.

The “low cost” is vague…
If you could provide a range of price…
For me 50Eur is low-cost, but I think it could already be a budget for some other.

Do you need tilt?
Do you need screen on tablet or not?
Do you feel comfortable with small (A6) size or better with large (A5, A4, A3) size?
Do you need buttons on tablet or not?

After, under windows which tablet have the best (stable and easy configuration options) drivers, I don’t know :slight_smile:


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There’s no real compatibility concept for Krita.

Krita use device information provided by system (Windows Ink or Wintab)
It means that if tablet drivers are properly managed in Windows, tablet information (pen position, pressure, tilt…) is provided by Windows to Krita; Krita don’t talk to the device.


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I think it is better. I have a H320M and it is ~11 inches (almost an A4 paper size) but the drawing area is smaller. I have no experience with bigger tablets.

Maybe a 11~13 inch tablet can suit your needs. Hope you find the best one for you.

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For me 50Eur is low-cost…
45/50 U$
Do you need tilt?
Do you need screen on tablet or not?
Do you feel comfortable with small (A6) size or better with large (A5, A4, A3) size?
Do you need buttons on tablet or not?


Any used Wacom Intuos L (3rd and 4th have XL model too) from Intuos 3 and up. Honestly, I think that 2006 Intuos 3 is the best evermade non-screen tablet, still it hasn’t “precision” and “screen toggle” functions.

Iam fine with the GAOMON M106K Pro. Haves a natural feel on sensitivity and not somekind of noticeable input lag like some other tablets in this price region. The pencil is also non-slip and good weighted. Sometimes i see discounts on amazon (overall ~70-86 EUR). There is also a “non-pro” Edition auf the M106K with fewer pressure stages and a battery driven pencil for about 50 EUR. Maybe it fit your needs.

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