Today i did it again… giving my daughter the opportunity to paint physically. i feel 3yo is too young for the non-display digital painting devices. And tbh I hate the offset i always felt with display equiped devices… so every time she comes asking to paint it quickly becomes a weird, non-satisfying experience. So yeah. How do you approach it ?


She definitely has art in her future. See how naturally she wears that streak of paint on her chin? Love that.

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Have you tried letting her use a drawing tablet?
I’d expect there would be ‘comprehension’ problems leading to frustration.

(You should get down close to her and keep your head still to see how well she can decorate a face that she can see :slight_smile: )

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Yes I did, I must admit even with the parallax she doesn’t give a sh1t about, she was pretty happy before it broke down. (Cintiq 24 HD black screen of death. Wacom pretends they don’t know about that faulty conception…).
But the non-display, it’s mission impossible.
(Oh yeah she can decorate anything, especially when it’s fragile and expensive!)


Seems a little risky to leave a toddler with paint on top of a rug. :slight_smile:

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Wonderful Parent you are!

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She tortures it since 3 years with all kind of drinks and food. You just see a side without stains :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Btw she left a mark indeed!

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Haha I try my best. That takes a different type of patience but dedication is key as always…