Inkscape 1.2


I like these innovations. Especially the updated smart alignment, and the fact that now the dotted line can be edited in the program, (previously I had to manually edit the preset file and restart to see the result)

Multipage documents, with independent page sizes if you want, are good too.

Nice, they have gone the krita route for export settings. It has now more format for export other than just png. The smart alignment cues on the canvas is really helpful but while using it I have notices that if the artwork contains complex shapes and multiple shapes etc then it gets really laggy while trying to show alignment with many objects. The layers and object dialog merger is also welcome.

A novelty that I really liked was the possibility to hide tools that you don’t use (at least I don’t know if it was possible to do that before). In previous versions I could only customize the order of tools in the toolbox… and it was necessary to edit a configuration file through Notepad.

The objects alignment setting was also simplified and they placed it in the upper right corner of the screen.


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