Input delay when using Stablizier

Hello everyone!

I’m having an issue with the Brush Smoothing feature.
I’ve read many topics on this subject and most generally describe lag without going into specifics so I’ll be as precise as possible.

The issue is:
When Brush Smoothing is set to None / Basic / Weighted it works perfectly without any delays.
When set to Stabilizer however, there is a 0.1sec lag spike that occurs every single time the pen or the mouse inputs on the canvas.
I’ve changed the Renderer from Direct3D 11 via ANGLE to OpenGL and Software Renderer, which was suggested in other threads, but that doesn’t solve the problem.
Turning off Canvas Graphics Acceleration is not an option, because it makes the viewport really choppy.
I know it’s not coming from the pen settings, because I have disabled the mouse hold = double click feature on mine.
My tablet is Intuos Art Medium, the driver of which I have reinstalled and updated already with no results.

EDIT : I have also changed my Tablet Input API to Windows8+ Pointer Input and that hasn’t worked.

Has anybody experienced this issue previously and is there a known fix I can try?

I would go back to an old version of Krita, however I’m getting into frame-by-frame animations and need the current transformation warp tools.
I’m not sure in which version they were first implemented.


This is how the stabilizer works :man_shrugging:

You can try to reduce or deactivate delay if needed.


Nothing removes the lag no matter what the sliders are set on and what’s unchecked.
I wanted to use it without the delay, but the lag inherently comes whenever the brush is set on Stabilizer.

Can you make a screenshot video of this happening?
You can put it on YouTube or make it available via a link to a file sharing service or website.

Doing that right now. Need about 5 mins.

Here it is. Did it with mouse so you can see the exact moment the lag happens. This occurs with the tablet as well.
Everything is unchecked in the Stabilizer properties and this happens regardless of Sample counts.

To reply to Grum999 : That’s not how it’s supposed to work. It shouldn’t create a lag spike that gets in the way of drawing with a pen.
Paint Tool SAI and PaintStorm Studio don’t have such issues with their Stabilizers.

I can’t see the video since it’s private but a delay/lag is part of how the stabilizer works. Usually unchecking delay should help with it.

Personally i don’t use the stabilizer at all i use the dynamic brush tool that behaves a lot more like other programs do with their stabilizer/correction features. Maybe try using that instead and see if it’s better

My bad, should be available now.

Don’t know these softwares and I usually don’t really compare how other software works, Krita has its own implementation of things and a stabilizer in one software may not work with the same algorithm implementation :slight_smile:

Your video is not really useful, we can’t see any tool option… neither when the click is made; hard to determinate when to lag occurs :confused:


Dude, you can clearly see the cursor freeze for a split second upon me clicking the mouse button. I purposely recorded the cursor sliding across the screen and slowed the video down so it’s obvious.

The only reason I’m comparing it to other stabilizers is because you’re suggesting this lag spike is what the Stabilizer does by default when in reality delay is disabled and that shouldn’t be happening.
It doesn’t feel like the input is starting a curve either, it’s just a momentary freeze.

It seems that if you’ve turned off the Delay but still have a medium to high Sample count, there will be a lag while samples are collected to enable the track filtering to be done.

Sorry, I just don’t see anything that is not normal :frowning:

The stabilizer have mainly 2 parameters: delay and sample
With a sample of 1000 for example, then the stabilizer will stabilize stroke taking in account 1000 samples… then there’s a delay.

probably, but without any fullscreen that’s hard to determinate things…


Alright, just to erase any doubts that it’s something the settings of the tool here’s a second video that clearly shows when I’m clicking and that I have everything disabled with a minimal sample count.

The delay is DISABLED man, do you not read what I’m writing?

A bit of lag is to be expected when using the basic or weighted smoothing because of the way the algorithm works. Imagine smothing as a graph of a function of pressure (of course it’s not just pressure but also direction and stuff) over time. It needs to collect a bit of data to extrapolate a trend and flatten the curve by removing outliers. Or simply it has to collect some data first for the initial smothing calculation. Alternative implementation would be to increase the sample rate after the stroke goes on but that would mean that smothing wouldn’t be applied to the beginning of the brush stroke.

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I explained above that I have no issue with any of the other options for Brush Smoothing.
It’s only a problem with STABILIZER and NOTHING ELSE.
There is NO INPUT LAG on any of the Brush Smoothing options besides STABILIZER.
The reason I don’t want to use Weighted is because it corresponds to the force with which I’m pressing the pen. That throws off my lines.
Basic doesn’t smooth the input enough and I need Stabilizer specifically, so that the smoothing is not related to pen pressure.

Trying the same Tool Options settings and a similar size brush, I see a small lag, sometimes but not every time. This may be caused by my old PC.

I’d like to point out that people here are spending their personal time and effort, in their evening, to help you with this.

Hey keep cool…

I read what you wrote, I was talking about sample that generate delay.
And you provide us record with minimal sample value after I wrote my answer…

That’s now easier to see the click, thanks.
And that’s easier to see the delay you’re talking about (but I have to play video at 0.25x speed :sweat_smile:)
Sorry to not be able to see it in first video :man_shrugging:

I’ve tested on my side the stabilizer with the same parameters I don’t have any delay… :thinking:


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I understand this and I’m not trying to be ungrateful.
I’m just getting irritated because I’ve already explained what settings I’ve used and I’m being treated like a liar who has no idea what he’s talking about.

Anyway, if nobody here is experiencing this issue then it must be a hardware problem on my end.
Thank you all for the input.
Edit : I’ll experiment with the Dynamic brush tool as LunarKreatures suggested.

It’s not that we don’t believe or think that people are liars.

That’s just it’s difficult to help without seeing all things from our own eyes to understand what happen.
Before your second video, the information about sample value set to 3 was unknown at the moment our replies.

Take example from this case:

That’s impossible to help without having all information visible; the second video help me to potentially determinate what was the problem (potentially because I’m waiting for a feedback to confirm or not if my supposition is right, or not)

In your case, it was difficult to me to determinate the click without the visual information you’ve added on second video.

Unfortunately, with the same parameters I do not reproduce your case.
It doesn’t mean that you don’t have the problem, it just mean that for some reason, what you’re curently experienced occurs for you and not for me.
And occurs 50/50 for @AhabGreybeard

It’s seems you’ve edited your first post and I didn’t see this.

Do you mean that problem occurs for you with (i suppose) Krita 5.0.2 and not Krita 4.4.8?