Installing Krita 5 in English instead of OS language?

Is there a way to install Krita 5 in English instead of my OS language (German)? Choosing “English” in the installer only seems to be relevant to the language of the installer itself.

You can change language here.

Setting-> Switch Application Language

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’m aware that I can switch the language after the first start. But at that point all the resources are already assigned to the wrong language and changing the language afterwards does not fix that. I need to start Krita 5 in English to have them generated properly.

Here’s a workaround, but it would be helpful if a language option could be added to the installer in the future - or if the language could be chosen at the first start of the program before the resources are assigned.

*) Start Krita in whatever language
*) Switch the language via Settings → Switch Application Language
*) Close Krita
*) Manually delete the “krita” folder in the Roaming folder (on Windows that is)
*) Restart Krita

Actually, Krita should pick up on your OS language and start in German if you’re using a German OS…

(The tag language bug is known, I haven’t found a fix for that yet.)

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Yeah - that’s the problem. I’m on a German OS but want to use Krita in English including all the correct naming for the resources.

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