Investigating .kpp file upload on the forum

How big are these brushes? May be I can enable permission to upload .kpp files on the forum. Sorry I couldn’t check as I am on mobile device right now.


Less than 70kb. Because they use the most basic functions.

Can you try to upload your .kpp file here on the forum directly? I have enabled the extension from the forum side.

Uploading: Add_saturation.kpp…
Uploading: Desaturation.kpp…
Uploading: burn.kpp…

Uploading: dodge.kpp…

The files are not uploaded :frowning:

I don’t know…Every time I upload, it will automatically become .png…


Sadly the kpp files are recognized as png and the metadata is stripped while uploading. :frowning:

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@TheTwo I moved the topic to this thread so that the original thread is not hindered.

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For now I switched the .kpp permission. We might need to think of something else. May be zip file but I don’t know how feasible it would be

If it’s possible, a .zip file would be more useful because you could put a number of brush presets and some required brush tip files in it.
@TheTwo provided a .7z file previously so there is that compliction to think about

Yeah zip file would be good. The only fear is that it may lead to people packing malware and what not and spreading that. How to tackle that?

Yes … there is that. I’m sure you don’t want to have to arrange (and pay for) antivirus scanners and maintain/update them.
It’s probably too risky unless you can think of effective protections :frowning:

I think if we share the .zip files, why not just share bundles? Krita 5 should be able to create them just fine (though beware of .abr brush tips).