Is anybody interested in krita-artists online meetup?

I was wondering if anybody is interested in online meet-up of artists using krita. Initially I was thinking about user group kind of thing like the Linux user group kind of thing in my city. But I think it is too early for that I don’t know many people using krita from my city. So I think an online meet with everyone around the world will be awesome.

I am just throwing the idea out, I don’t have plan yet about the agenda or any topic etc. For the meeting. May be we can just join the meet and say hi and chat casually.

I dream of creating local krita communities and groups like the LUGS. What do you people think? Suggestions and ideas are welcome.


How would it be different from what we are already doing at Krita Artists?

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Hi there,
I am new to Krita but am absolutely interested. This seems to be an interesting tool and the entire artistic hobby is really cool


It will like real-time online online meet-up using video over internet.

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I see. I’m afraid I’ll have to decline as I’m very camera shy.

I wish all participants a great time though! :slight_smile:


A high production value podcast might offer something similar. Interview new guests …

Wear a mask! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A pragmatic solution, but it won’t help much with the discomfort.

I’ll likely watch a recording later, if one is saved.

Edit: I’d feel awkward and stupid with a mask. :slight_smile:


Yeah - It was just kind of a running joke… you know - like the masquerade! :upside_down_face:

I would probably have the same problem! :wink:

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Yup. I totally got it! :slight_smile:

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won’t know how popular it will be until we have a meetup :slight_smile:

I imagine getting it organized for a world-wide audience may be difficult - what time would you hold it? Would it be on Discord or some platform that’s more nefarious like FB :smiley:

Well may be you can join in with just sound. Or may be just on chat.

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This is not out of the question. It would depend on the time though, as Kynlo says.

if its within the time range im awake. I’ll join in. :slight_smile:
I’ll be in mask though and maybe shades :joy:

Sounds fun, I’m interested!

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Another Idea.
I would suggest starting a Discord server and organizing drawing sessions there :slight_smile:

I saw similar thing with blender community.


Or on Matrix, Krita has a channel there.

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If I can and we arrange a meeting, I am in


Might be interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the responses people. I will plan this and post an update. Meanwhile more suggestions regarding how to organise this and where to organise is welcome.