Is it OK if I post my bad/low-effort/old stuff here?

Question on the title. Again. I’m also thinking of posting them all in one big topic.

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You can post anything here I think, within rules of decency of course.


…and in the appropriate category of course…


What can we learn or enjoy when we view the stuff that you call “bad stuff”?

… Not much other than how bad my early stuff is.

I believe it is always informative to see how one/people started and the progress they have made. That is encouraging and informative!

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Oh so you want to make a progression topic? Like Step 1, 2…, Now?
Edit: btw, all ages and levels here, so anything you post could find a public. Maybe calling it “bad” could even be intimidating for some people :sweat_smile:

If you are doubtful and not want to spam the forum then the best solution is to have a sketchbook thread. It will be only one topic and you can keep on posting things in it. if people find it bothersome or not interesting they can also ignore or un-watch that particular topic.