Is it Possible to have Too Many Brushes?

Whattaya think?

I’m thinking yes as I try to get a handle on which brushes work for me.


If you were to install everything I have collected, you would probably answer YES to the question. :slight_smile:
Before you ask, I could give you links for 2300+ presets and have a selection of 5000+ Brushtips minimum to go with them. That’s insane.


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I know, thus the question… I’m working through just the Krita 4 and Krita 3 brushes along with @RamonM 's Digital Atelier and Charcoal brushes to create a pallet of favorites/most used…

even that is too much (same is true with Corel Painter …which I’ve all but abandoned in lieu of Krita! I love Krita (just updated to 4.4.7)…

as of just now…I’ve got about 20 brushes in my favorites…I suspect that i NOT Enough…we’ll see. :slight_smile: May also depend on the project/painting…

What you could do, if you’re very keen, is make a bundle (or more than one bundle) of your favourite brush presets and any required brush tips then deactivate all bundles except the ones you want to use.

As an extreme, you could backup the current resources and start with fresh resources then import only your own custom bundles. That would limit you of course but it would make you concentrate on figuring out which brushes you really need.

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Yes, thanks. Not sure I want to hide any…some specialty brushes I’m sure are going to be useful. Just trying to get my head around all the possibilities and capabilities…

Seems the best thing is to create my Favorites collection/pallet and then expand/delete it as appropriate. And also to create/modify them to my preferences.


Interested to hear others thoughts on brushes as well.

and P.S. this is not even to mention the tons of Personal/Third Party Brush libraries out there!!

I think as a human yes! I made my own brush set because I could never find the brushes I wanted because I had too many and it made a really long list to scroll through. I know my pencil are not as good but I can find them. That for me already is good.


I’d say - It’s not so much how many you have in total, but more how you manage them; There’s nothing wrong with trying out another new bundle to see if you like anything in it.

The easiest way to sort the wheat from the chaff is to create a tag you can assign to the brushes you like. Go through the brushes you have one by one and see what feels good to use - if you like one then tag it.

You could use multiple tags for specific tasks - such as one for pencil drawing, one for painting, one for special effects etc.

The important thing is to not have to spend time hunting for the tools you need; keep it pared back to the ones you may use. You can add and remove presets from tags at any time - it will likely take a while for you to discover what really works for you, and if you’re like me you will want to tailor your brushes to your specific tastes.

From what you’ve said you’re already on the right track anyway. :+1:

On a different note - I do think people focus too much on brushes sometimes when they should be more concerned with mark-making and process.

I believe less experienced artists would benefit from limiting the brushes they have available so they can concentrate on basic rendering skills, instead of trying to use shortcut brushes - that tends to lead to a busy mess lacking in form and composition.

Lastly - if you’re anxious about painting, then messing around with brushes could act as a form of procrastination; It’s like you’re doing the thing without actually getting on and doing it! - I’m the master of procrastination so I know all the tricks!! :upside_down_face:

Anyway - I need to get back to my… umm… brush-making! :innocent:


Yep. The way I deal with that is to find the brushes I like and use and put them in my “Favorites” set/tag as per @Mythmaker below. :slight_smile:

Yes. I agree it is more important to learn/create/manage a technique and process than to rely on specialized brushes…a bit like playing guitar in standard tuning vs. playing in various tunings. :slight_smile:

Yes, Carry On

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