Is the option not selectable when importing webp?

What dialog is this?


Just tested
It not seems to be options, but information about webp file properties (I agree the choice of disabled input field to provide information is strange but…)

Fort this one:

  • It’s an animated file
  • It’s a file with transparency
  • It’s a lossless compressed file

But can’t tell you which one of these feature is not supported for import (as I suppose the lossless format is not supported, looking how the tick is rendered in checkbox):



I’m guilty of having taken this shortcut in programming, too. And it always caused problems. Surprisingly often UI frameworks miss elements to present information like this in a nice read only way. Quick and easy fix would be to have the check boxes replaced by a label that simply shows unicode check mark ✓ or cross :x: (or something like that).

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