Is the PNG image 3MB too big?

The PNG image I uploaded is nearly to 3M, why is the website automatically changed to JPEG? Only 600KB… Can’t upload 3M?

Was there any error message or other notification?
Is the image in a topic at the moment?
@raghukamath is the best person to ask about this.

Ah … I now see that it is and you asked about it there as well.

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To save file and to serve images well for everyone, the forum software converts the file into jpg and compresses it. But it keeps the original file if someone wants to download it. You can check the original file by clicking on the download button when viewing the file.

Also disk space on the cloud is not cheap for us, so I would request you to upload jpg, unless you want to share the high resolution file (which is good to be shared via file hosting service). Your file will anyway be seen on lower resolutions so it doesn’t make sense to upload such a huge file.

Lastly to conserve disk space we limit the file size.


Thanks , AhabGreybeard and raghukamath! :slightly_smiling_face: Well, the pictures I upload in the future will be reduced to smaller ones. :heart:

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The reduction is about 3~4 times, and the effect is not significant. The picture I uploaded today is reduced by six times, and the effect is obviously lost. :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

:slightly_smiling_face:Probably the uploaded picture is less than 1M, is it ok?

If you are using Windows, you could use RIOT to optimize the size of your images. It is an easy-to-use optimizer with good results, it even comes with a preview of what to expect. There are other optimizers out there, but this one I like and use really much.



Hi,Michelist, thanks very much ! :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

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