Is there an easy way to overwrite and alter brush icons without creating a completely new brush?

I know I can draw in the scratch pad square but it’s hard to get the icon to look the same as all the others through there since I can’t erase without leaving the window. I know you can make the same pe thing appear but is there a way to choose which pen to pop up? Any help or advice is appreciated. I want to try and make the brush icons for my custom brushes to have the same theme as the default brushes without looking the same like having the exact same pen and stuff.

If you navigate to settings > manage resources and click ‘open resource folder’, you can go to paintoppresets folder, where all your presets are stored. Krita can open those .kpp files, and export them as .png or .kpp (if you replace the .kpp file this way, the preset remains the same except for the icon you edited as an image with all krita tools available).

When you are creating a brush, you can load an icon (.png or .kpp to get a icon from the existing brush). If you just want to change the icon, you can press ‘create a new brush’, and change the name to be the same as previously. It will overwrite the brush without creating a duplicate.

I advice to make a backup of the paintoppresets folder though, as bugs and unintentional overwrites may happen :slight_smile:

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