Is there an existing line brush like this?


Was thinking if anyone has an existing line brush that looks like the brush use in the lines of this shark? I saw this type of brush in other artworks that i like and would like to achieve something similar.
[ i think its csp / not sure i have no access to a copy of clip at the moment and not very familiar with it.]

I have tried making one by poking on to the brush engine and doing a bunch of experiment with scatter option but has not achieve something similar.

I really like the feel that its like a thin dip nib on paper. scratchy :sweat_smile:

Krita doesn’t have a haptic feedback engine yet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some suggestions: Try an irregular shaped tip, combined with rotation set to random. It should be tapered with size-pressure obviously. I think this kind of brush will benefit from using some stabilisation. You could also play with using the airbrush setting to create a bleed effect (dab is still applied when stationary).


Thank you, I will try that and get back here.

I always saw it from some artwork that i save for studies and was really curious if i can achieve something similar.

there are specific brushes, like this one, that are sensitive to a change in the direction of movement, for example

but if it is closer to the shark, try to make a random on a regular brush, but not through scattering, but through pressing and cycling

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The shark picture isn’t high resolution but it looks like there’s regular size variation along the stroke.
There may be other factors present as well.

Here’s one where the size has a repeated variation with distance and I also did size variation with fuzzy dab. I did a similar thing with opacity too to give the line more ‘dirt’ but you may prefer not to try that:

Here’s the size variation with distance curve and the fuzzy dab curve is similar:

There are all sorts of things you can try, as noted in other replies, either alone or in combination.


To me it looks like the effect isn’t mostly created by the brush but by the artist constructing their lines out of many tiny parts, constantly lifting the pen after a half a centimeter or so and therefore giving this uneven effect.

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There is actually a similar looking pen called d) Ink-4 Pen Rough; I think it’s part of the Krita 4 default set. Maybe you could use that as a start point and tweak it to your liking.

edit: I agree that part of the line quality in that image is likely the way the artist is expressing the stroke.

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Thank you - for some reason that pen seems to be acting different on my ver. it does not give me the leaks. [most likely my ver is the problem - im using a last week nightly]

I really like the more natural look but i agree might get bad result if unsteady.
The airbrush did add some nice stabilization. The irregular shape gave me interesting result - might be useful for future brushes.

Thank you very much, i think i gotten alot closer. I did a size, fuzzy, and distance to abit longer than 30. currently experimenting between 70 to 100

I think right now i got something close. I don’t really need it to be exact. I really like the bleed effect.

thank you very much for the help. still experimenting .

Thank you for all the help.

here’s what i come up with. Its a fun brush. :blush:


I’m with @Takiro, the way I achive that look has to be more with the way I draw than the brush itself, both traditionally and digitally. That “constructing the lines out of many parts” is common between many traditional animators whwn tighting up the drawings also.

i did think that might be the case.
it was quite late last night when i ended my experiment i tried chaining? or strokes to form a line.
Im far from consistent lol.

I tried again with varying brush today and one is my own scatter rough brush variation and did come close.

I hunted the image again, and it seems its from MCU Comics [ im not a fan so i didnt really know ] it pop up on my timeline.

The strokes had some regularity when it comes to the ebb/flow so I thought that can be something that is already there or i can manage to copy with the brush engine.

I come close and pretty happy with it ^-^. might use it in some future work replacing the current one im using.

I tweak what i made last night a wee bit.

The construction lines to form a line is an interesting technique , i will try to practice it.

Thank you.

Yeah, that brush in the illustration seems too regular, so I don’t think is “chaining” in those places where the pattern is more visible. But the lines vary in shape, so it ends up being a combination of techniques I think.
Overall I think it tries to mimic that traditional look that appears when cleaning/tighting up a rough drawing. For example making short overlapping strokes instead of a long one to clean up a long curve.
An example from animation:

And an example of my own using that short overlaping stroke technique with pencil on paper to clean a rough drawing:

Part of the look comes from the paper texture and from the contrast adjustement of the grey lines, and part from using short overlapping strokes.
Since the pencil gives a more or less constant with (in comparison with ink and brush for example), it forces you also to put more strokes in the same place if you want to increase the line weight. So maybe your brush could restrict the overall size linked to preasure.

A good exercise after you come up with a brush you like could be to make some fast, rough sketches with long curves and then try to clean up with this brush over those.

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Thank you for some background about the style. It’s definitely interesting.

something like this brush + that , and i think i can come lot more closer to the linework from the pic. I honestly like more of this rougher look in inking pens and linework- than the really smooth lines. For me it give some additional character also that i’m not good at smooth lines.

I will definitely try to comeup with an artwork to test it out.

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