Is there any KDE Controversy?

I want to ask if there’s any controversy or whatever around Krita and/or KDE. Given how small this community is, either it’s as unknown as the Flashgame Era, or there’s something else going on. I suspect the latter.
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The KDE community is small??

I don’t know what the Flashgame Era is, but just take time to check KDE on if you’re really interested
Also maybe you can take a look on KDE wikipedia page

I’m not sure to understand what is your question about…
To my knowledge, there’s no “controversy”
But I’m not sure what a “controversy” could be :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Do you have any example of controversy you’re thinking about?


No, there’s no controversy… Years ago people where whining about Krita using KDE libraries, but since the KDE Frameworks era, that’s not been an issue.

And Krita has a couple million users, on Windows alone, and our reddit is bigger than CSP’s reddit – I don’t think the community is small.

We’ve been the editors choice in ImagineFX, which also has ran several series of tutorials on Krita, but since we don’t advertise, Krita hasn’t got access to paid editorials in other magazines or we don’t get much of that kind of exposure.

Sorry, didn’t know KDE wasn’t small. I’m still quite new here. The Flashgame Era is the era of videogaming with lots of Flash games. Basically, 2000s to early 2010s. Most Flashgame Era creators who started in, well, the Flashgame Era are still quite unknown, with few breaking this trend.

Oh boy, time to delete my post again!

Nah, no need. It happens quite often that people think that Krita is smaller than it is, so this is a useful question :slight_smile:

Nah, just a typo. We actually having our contributors meeting now, so I’m multitasking.

Oh, sorry.

The only thing I can think of is that the majority of the linux community uses GTK/Gnome. Back in the day, KDE really had a reputation for being “bloated” also didn’t help. So a lot of KDE based software were stayed away from back in the day due to all the dependencies for Gnome users. And due to that reputation, it’s usage base was lower then it could have been. I mean many don’t know but things like KHTML is what webkit was based on. So one can say that it was a crucial component for the modern web.

Loss of KDE on linux mint as a default option also didn’t help… (reason I left mint to opensuse)

And due to that Gnome bias, generally Gimp is promoted as the PS alternative by the linux/open source community. Of course it is important to note Krita is more aimed at artists when most people these days looking for a photo editor to edit their memes. Not that Krita can’t do it too.

That said, Krita is still widely used, and according to at least KDE Invent (if thats an indicator), KDE’s most popular project by a pretty big margin. It also has a lot of Windows and Mac users as well which make up way more than the Linux community as far as the desktop is concerned.

Really? Thanks for letting me know. What is PS? Also, I’m considering using Krita for a custom meme template involving a Spoon Shortage, Twisted Translations, and a Sith Lord.

PS is PhotoShop.

Could it be that you don’t understand English?

What is it with your obsession about implying people aren’t understanding English anyway?

Careful there, mods are watching. You might’ve intended it as a joke but you don’t indicate it in any way and the whole discussion is very strange, and by saying that, you’re not really helping directing it in some interesting or constructive topics (because of that confusion whether that was a joke or you’re serious).