Issue with brushes and tablet

Type of device* : Huion Kamvas 13
Brand and version of the device: Huion Kamvas 13
System** : Windows 7

Hi! I have an issue with some of the brushes. The tablet only draws with a few of the brushes only but when I try to use some others brushes it doesn’t work, it just don’t draw anything. Does anyone knows what could cause this and how to solve it?

Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Which version of krita are you using and how long have you been using krita?

Windows 7 was made obsolete by Microsoft over a year go and can no longer be supportd by the krita developers.
However if it’s working for you right now then I hope it keeps on working.

So, which brush presets work and which do not work?

Can you give examples (their names) of brush presets that do not work and explain in what way they do not work? e.g. is their not drawing anything pressure related in any way?

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I’m using the latest version of Krita and I have been using Krita for several month, but this is the first time that I used with a tablet.

And well the brushes that works with the tablet (with the pen) are this (Ink-1 Precision, Ink-3 Gpen, Dry roller, Bristles 1 details and Ink 8 Sumi-e)

The other brushes don’t draw anything when I try to do it with the tablet (the figure of the brush apperars but when I put pressure nothing happens (like it was white colour) But if I try the same with the mouse they work perfectly.

Thanks again!

Dry roller is pressure sensitive for opacity and size. Bristles 1 details is pressure senstive for size.
If those two work ok with your stylus then all the others should also work.
Are you saying that none of the many other brushes work at all?

What about Basic-2 Opacity and Basic-5 Size - do they work?

Can you post a full screen screenshot (.png) of the krita window when you’re trying to use (with the stylus) one of the brushes that does not work?

This screenshoot is when I try to use the brushes (with the stylus) Basic-2 Opacity and the AirBrush Soft (the canvas remains white).

But when I try to use the mouse all the brushes works perfectly (this is while using the mouse and the brush Basic-2 Opacity):

Those are not full screenshots. The status bar is missing from the bottom of the image.

Do you mean you’re using version 4.4.2?

The Huion Kamvas 13 is a tablet-monitor. Are those images both taken by a screenshot of the Kamvas 13 screen.

Is your display arrangement a duplicated desktop (both screens show the same image) or is it an extended desktop (the screens each form part of a desktop that is spread across both of them?

If it’s an extended desktop, try setting it to duplicated to see if that affects the result.

Also, if it’s extended, try swapping which screen is Primary. The Primary screen is the one with the Windows menu button and taskbar on it at the bottom.

Yes, it is the 4.4.2 version.

Sorry, aparently the status bar was missing, but I restored Krita to it’s original setting and everything is now working just fine. And the status bar is back :smile:

Thank so much for all your help :blush:

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