Issue with Monthly Subscription/Donation


I’m a monthly subscriber/donater to the Krita Foundation, through their service on

I love to support this fantastic software, but I’ve been trying to reach out to Krita for a long time now, as I don’t get any invoices or emails regarding my monthly subscription. All I see is a withdrawal on my bank account, which is giving me headache when in comes to . Does anyone experience the same issue?

I’m sorry, we’ve never sent invoices for donations, whether recurring or one-time. You get an email once when you set up a recurring donation, but more isn’t possible with our current payment provider. I’ve had one or two requests for invoices at over the past ten years or so, not more. Note that the Krita Foundation is not a charity, it’s not registered as an ANBI in the Netherlands so donations to the Krita Foundation are not tax-deductable in the Netherlands: and since tax-deductability doesn’t cross country borders, donations aren’t tax deductible anywhere.

We’re trying to setup a new development fund website based on blender’s, but that’s a real hard job for our team – there aren’t many people who can tie all the bits together when it comes to website development.

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I see. I’ll have to look into other solutions then.

Is there then any where I can reach out to either change my subscription, or in worst case cancel the subscription?

Write to, I guess. I’m not sure what data you need to provide, @boud will tell you, here or in the reply to your mail.

Thanks for the quick feedback. I’ve already tried that, and didn’t get a reply. I don’t know if that is just a coincidence.

Oh well. I guess he either wasn’t checking the mail recently, or your mail got lost in any way. I have a direct contact with him anyway, tomorrow there’s a meeting, so your situation shall be resolved shortly.

It’s a pity there is no automated way :frowning: Afaik people joining the fund via Paypal can change and cancel their subscriptions but Mollie isn’t as smart… so basically to allow everyone to do that we’ll need a new server with a system with accounts and stuff. There is some work being done to create a dev fund like Blender has. However it is already known that it should use KDE Identity system, and this system is being reworked, so the dev fund needs to wait until the new Identity is implemented and used. And that waits until sysadmins of KDE have more time since right now they are busy moving different projects to Gitlab ( Afaik there is not even much to do there, just wait until the sysadmins have time to deal with it. You can read more here:

I haven’t received any mail recently about subscriptions, I’m afraid. Could you try to resend it? Maybe also cc me on gmail: to make double sure.

Great! Thanks for the info. I’m resending the email, and cc boud. I’m very happy to finally sort this issue :slight_smile:

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