Issue with pressure detection on huion 420

Type of device* : Drawing tablet
Brand and version of the device: Huion 420
System** : macOS Big Sur

Description of the issue (you can include screenshots): I had issues with the huion driver on Big Sur, and when I finally resolved the issue, I see that the pressure isn’t detected properly in krita. On the driver pressure test it works fine, but in krita in the tablet tester it gives me consecutive reading of pressure like this :
pen removed from tablet
and it loops like that giving me a strange pattern that could actually look cool but I prefer without it.

After some more trouble shooting I resolved the problem, but I will keep this request in case someone else has the same problem.
Basically I just opened the driver panel with krita also open and unplugged the tablet for it to show that it disconnected, and then I plugged the tablet again and it showed device connected.
Gave it a test run in the driver pressure test and in krita tablet test.
I don’t know if I will have to do that every time, but at least it’s better than not having the problem fixed.

You can try switching to Windows Ink, then it shouldn’t happen anymore, I think. (Drivers -.-)

OK. So 'im back and the problem persists. I was able to pinpoint the problem. Basically whenever I use the trackpad instead of the tablet, this happens. I think It may be krita so I was wondering what versions are compatible with big sur.

Okay another update, it turned out the driver that I installed wasn’t optimized with krita in mind, so switched to a slightly older version and it worked.