Issues when I Start Up On My Wacom - Windows 10

Hope to get some advice or direction. For the past month or so whenever I start up Krita and then power up my Wacom Cintiq pro 24, Krita immediately resizes a bit oversized on the laptop and the pen display. I will also get alternating issues where the pen pressure is gone and also the pen calibration is way off. Usually i will have to restart the laptop, sometimes several times before it is in optimal performance mode. I have updated the drivers and that doesn’t seem to be the issue. Its a very frustrating series of actions that is really distracting from trying to get to work and be creative. Hope to get some advice on this!

I moved your help request out of the Lounge category and into Input Device Support. Also added your OS to the title.

Ahh, the was an old issue that was resolved but I may have accidentally revived when i tried to get the new 5.1.0 issue on board.
Ill delete… when figure that out.

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